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Pitcher with straw lid metal 70cl colors 4 times

Glass jug for Drink or soda, with lid and straw, available in 4 colors that serve randomly.

Materials: Glass + Metal + Plastic (polypropylene)
Content: 700 ml
Item dimension: 12x9x16cm

284 Point

Soda glass lid and traw

310 Point

30cl cup my little market

364 Point

Water bottle vine metallic cover 600m bewin

water bottle vine metallic cover 600m bewin

Content / Dimensions / Weight: 600ml 7x7x24.5cm
Product groups: leisure accessories, bewinner

424 Point

Mug 40cl my little market

446 Point

3-bowl cone ice cream dish, 2-times assorted

578 Point

deep-dish cake mold 26cm quttin

deep-dish cake mold 26cm quttin

Dimensions / Content: 2.3L / 26x59cm
Product groups: glass dishes, oven, fountains

620 Point

Drink dispenser with tap 100ml, 9.5×19.5cm

638 Point

Frying pan 28 cm – marble non stick coating

Assortment: In and around the house
Product group: Lighters

Characteristics:- suitable for all gas, electric, ceramic and halogen heat sources- ptfe free- carbon steel 0.8 mm

686 Point

Plate white 20cm my little market

710 Point

x8 spice jar + rotating stand, black

1272 Point

Square glass box x3 clipeat, blue

Material: glass / polypropylene / silicone
Package size: 44 x 35,5 x 23,5cm – 13,5kg

Dishwasher: yes
Microwave: yes
Oven: yes (without lid)
Food contact: Yes
Capacity: 330 ml + 800 ml + 1730 ml

Brand: Five®

1898 Point