About Us

Gelati Mezzan Ltd., founded in 1960 by Mr. Joe Mercieca and headquartered in Xewkija Industrial Estate, Gozo is a family-owned and operated ice cream manufacturer. Since its humble beginning, when hand cranks were used, Gelati Mezzan has maintained one of the most modern production facilities in the country to produce great tasting ice cream one batch at a time. Gelati Mezzan Ltd. sells and distributes to Malta and Gozo.

Our Mission

Make ice cream everyone in the family loves to eat. Gelati Mezzan Ltd. has been making quality ice cream for the last 50 years using only the best ingredients and made one batch at a time. Our uncompromised quality and experience is a reminder of the pure pleasures of Gelati Mezzan.
Products: Variety of: – Chocolate Sticks – Cornet – Ice Lolly – Calippo – Granita – Qassata etc…